The Best Tonkatsu in Japan - Tonki - Meguro - Japan

This restaurant would have to be one of my most unique dining experience whilst in Japan. Tonki opened in 1939 and it serves Tonkatsu, and only 3 varying types of Tonkatsu. If you don't know what Tonkatsu is, its deep fried pork coated in bread crumbs. It is most commonly served with tonkatsu sauce (and mustard on this occasion) and shredded cabbage (did I mentioned they gave you unlimited refills on cabbage?). 

I ordered the traditional Tonkatsu, served with a bowl of rice and miso soup. What fascinates me the most about this place is not only the food itself but the whole dining experiences. Being able to watch the kitchen at work right in front of us while we waited for our food, and the pork cutlets were cooking in a giant wok of oil just a couple of metres away in the centre of the restaurant. There was this one really old guy, perhaps almost 80 years old and he would just stand there and cut each pork cutlet into perfectly uniformed slices as soon as it came out of the oil (apparently each staff is assigned to one specific duty only!) 

I don't believe there is another place like this anywhere else in Japan. It felt as though this place has not changed much over the last 70 years and really gives you a feel of what Japan would have been like 70 years ago. Definitely worth the trip there!