Katz Deli - New York

Katz Deli was one of the most highly anticipated restaurants on our to do list while in New York. After being featured on Man Vs Food and Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, and showing their mountain layers of pastrami, corned beef and brisket sandwiches, we just had to go there no matter what!!

Feast your eyes on these sandwiches....

What can I say....hehe the first few bites were amazing! The tender melt in your mouth layer upon layers of meat, cheese and mustard...mmmm so satisfying and everything I was hoping for! After about a quarter through the sandwiches you start to think that perhaps less is more. There was no way I could have finished the sandwiches...and in a way I wished that they had given me half the amount of meat in the sandwiches. Hehe overall it was a fun experience and I definitely say try it at least once!

Gray's Papaya - New York

Being a big fan of Anthony Bourdain and his show Layover, we had to re-watch the episode of where to eat in New York before we left. He raved so much about the hot dogs and papaya drink at Gray's Papaya and for the price that could feed both of us, we had to go there...yes cheaping out where we can haha

We went to the original first Gray's Papaya (the one Anthony Bourdain actually went to) and order the two hotdogs and papaya drink. We were pleasantly surprise by how tasty your average hot dog can taste, and the papaya drink, so refreshing and delicious. A small lunch but definitely left us coming back for a second round a few days later, this time we also ate their $1 pizza slices, good pizza and you can't complain at all especially with that price. We also had the cheesy fries....mmmmm....OD'ing on cheesy goodness!! Second time eating the hotdogs and papaya drink it was just as satisfying.

Momofuku Noodle Bar - New York

Where do I begin to start about my adventures in New York...well all I can say is one week in New York is barely enough time to scratch the surface of the places to go, things to do and food to eat in New York!!! During the middle of this year, me and the OH's long awaited USA trip finally came, it was a long one in the planning and its was definitely an unforgettable trip that leaves me wanting more, especially of New York which I could probably stay there for a month and still not see 1/10 of what the city has to offer hahaha

We actually had reservations for David Chang's Momofuku Ko but due to unforeseen events, we missed out :(

Momofuku Noodle Bar was our second choice but never the less, an amazing night of delicious morsels of baos and ramen!

So much variety of food to choose from, with only two mouths to feed, we decided to pick all the three types of bao's, a salad, some chicken wings, and of course, Momofuku Ramen!! The bao's were amazing....mmmm so fluffy and full of wonderful combinations of fillings! The ramen was delicious and after watching David Chang's Mind of a Chef when we came back to home, it made the memories even more exciting!

Overall, I love Momofuku Noodle Bar, the interior, the staff, and especially the food!!! Great flavours and I love the bao's, its only something new that started here in Australia but I'm sure the trend will catch on and we will create a few awesome combination of bao's ourselves! Definitely will be returning here if one day I get the opportunity to come back to New York.

Off The Grid - San Francisco

Lots of Food trucks + San Francisco =  the most unique and exciting food experience there is in what this generation of new and creative food genius has to offer...here at your fingertips! Can't say anything more than that. Be there or be left behind.

Pei Modern - 45 Collins Street, Melbourne

A modern yet simple 5 course tasting menu at Pei Modern, showcasing a great mix of fresh produce and simple flavours of modern Australian food that are truly delightful to eat. It was such an enjoyable meal that left me feeling more than satisfied. I enjoyed the fresh and clean flavours of every single dish, especially the dessert which left a sweet lingering taste in my mouth mmmmmm.

I also only found out after eating at Pei Modern, that it was owned by Mark Best, of Marque in Sydney...lol some foodie I am. To be honest, I did no research before going to Pei Modern because the research was already done by my boyfriend when he booked this place as our late Valentines dinner together. I couldn't be more happy.


It's finally here, the new Fatpompom

Hi there,

Another long one in the making but my new and improved Fat Pom Pom blog is finally up and running! YAY!!!!! I couldn't be happier and couldn't have asked for more from my darling fiance to pick and design the new layout for me, what do you guys think about it?

There will be new and exciting posts happening very soon, and hopefully Il be bringing in and making a few old favourites recipes from my old Fat Pom Pom blog as I cannot transfer the contents over... :( you can still visit it here to see the old me if you like...

Looking forward to bringing you guys exciting recipes and just random cool things! 

Lots of Love, Fat Pom Pom xx